Friday, 24 August 2007

My Wish List

These are some more photos from Joanne de Gannes' garden. This water feature is set among the bromeliads and ferns and is very rustic looking which suits the mood of the whole area. This has given me lots of ideas because there is so much shade in my garden, I sometimes despair for colour. Especially in the rainy season.This unusual shrub around the large bromeliad is called excorcaria. I finally bit the bullet and bought some of it today. It is an excellent foliage addition as it provides bursts of colour with its red underside and variegated top.
It is paired very effectively with an unusual red and yellow curly croton and the variegated bromeliad.

Ixora is so common, it's easy to take them for granted. This is one that I had not seen before and the flower is big, round and bi-coloured.
A new canna lily colour.
Well, new to Trinidad. I am so tempted but the last time I tried with Cannas they all died. Hmmm.
This one I do have but it hasn't bloomed yet. The stem/stalk of this ginger (I think it's a ginger) is striped and looks a bit like bamboo. It is an excellent foliage plant even when there are no flowers.