Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My Blogging Friends

I have made a lot of friends through blogging. My fellow Trinidadian bloggers are a diverse bunch. One of the first bloggers that I followed on line was Nicole at My Caribbean Garden http://caribbeangarden.blogspot.com/ . She is a Trini who currently lives in Anguilla and always has the most amazing posts on plants and food. She is celebrating todayIt was a lovely surprise to find out that I had won the Blotanical award for best South American blog. Thank you so much, my fellow garden bloggers and dear readers.My congratulations to all the winners and nominees, many of whom have been on my blog list since inception .http://caribbeangarden.blogspot.com/
Her post yesterday was all about chutneys - making them and eating them. A subject close to my own heart. Nicole and I met in Trinidad last year (in real life) making it my first "blind-blogger" experience.

Another on-line friend is Nan at http://thingsivefoundinpockets.blogspot.com/. She is mum to three boys who also have their own blog http://chasandsam.blogspot.com/. I love Nan's blog with its mix of manicous and tarantulas, little boys, gardens, life, nature, traffic jams and lots more thrown in the mix.

Another good friend is Courtenay at http://pariasprings.typepad.com/paria_springs_trinidad_an/. Courtenay Rooks is a very old friend. He is an excellent nature guide and adventure-traveller. He has made an appearance on the blog with my Avocat posts. He has recently been to Brazil and his posts are, in tandem, both entertaining and educational. .... From August 26th to September 3rd I had to privilege of being hosted by the ABETA and the Brazilian tourism ministry on adventures in the Cerrado (pronounced Sehado) of Brazil. After this I attended the 4th installment of the Adventure Travel Trade Summit,

which this time was actually the Adventure Travel Trade Summit of the Americas. Dam, I'm lucky!!! ;-)

I thought the

frogs in my garden were exotic.
Thses are just a few of the people that I visit on-line. There are many more listed on my site.