Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Little miracles

The beauty in most things lies in the details. Every day, your garden will reward. These little orchids are related to the indigenous "virgin" orchid. They belong to the dendrobium family.
One of my favorite plants- the Iron Cross Rex Begonia. It is well known for its striking foliage but I had never seen it flower. The flower is surprisingly colourful. Which means that this plants takes itself very seriously- it packs a good wallop in visual stimulation- usually with strong foliage, the flower tends to be insignificant. The rich rusty colours perfectly complement the greens and browns of the leaves.

This photo is a bit washed out but it gives an idea of how the flower emerges from the plant.
The miniature pineapple. The tuft on top is actually a new plant and if treated right, will become a strong healthy specimen that will produce its own pineapple.