Friday, 15 February 2008

Boissierre House Campaign

We can pressure the government to purchase this building but would the property then go the way of Milles Fleurs which is now a tragic eyesore. If the Prime Minister can mobilize the resources to do the level of construction that we see around us daily, surely resources can be directed to Milles Fleurs. And has anyone really looked at what is going on with Stollmeyer's Castle? And this is owned by the Government.
My understanding is that once the list is passed- even Government becomes accountable for their preservation. I believe a lot of ground work has been done, it is just to push it to the next stage. There is much dialogue about how many buildings the Goverment can actually purchase and turn into house museums. I think part of the solution may be looking to the private sector as they certainly have the funds- and try and force the administration's hand at giving them large tax incentives and others rewards for maintaining and preserving. Like so many others things, I'm not sure we can trust the public sector with such highly valuable heritage. But by making protection law, even the public sector will have to answer to a higher authority.
101 Tragarete Rd has just been preserved up to a very high standard at great cost- with no Government endorsement or acknowledgement. Resoration is expensive work.
The fire is hot, so to speak, right now. As there is so much attention on the issue now- let's see if we can rally support with clear requests directed to the Government.
I'd love to hear comments.
In speaking to the Heritage Council, the problem seems to be that this is the first list and the legal documentation is being created. Once this goes through, it should be fairly easy to get future buildings added.
This is an old article from the archives of the Guardian supplied by Judy Raymond that throws light on the current situation.