Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Graveyard Shift

This is the flower of the Baobab tree which is located in the main square in Basseterre. The Boabob has an incredibly rich history and I think it's easier to provide the Wikipedia link I have never seen the Baobab flower and the blooming production is really quite something. There are green fruit-like looking pods; beautiful, very large white flowers that begin white before ageing to cream then brown and finally fall on the ground in a beautiful dried formation. I was lucky to see a truly spectacular baobab on neighbouring Nevis. That was a very interesting day so I will tallk about that in another post.
My friend Frances and I visited this historic Anglican church in Basseterre on afternoon and spent a lot of time just browsing through the tombstones. This was on my second day and I think that it was only about this time that the true historic significance of St Kitts really began to sink in. The headstones go back to the early 1800s and even an occasional late 1700s and many carry interesting tales. Unfortunately the chruch was closed so we could not get in but the thickly cut walls are still standing strong and proud.

I would want to spend eternity under such beauty.
Frannnie has to get the prize for being the most agile pregnant Mama. Here she is after our tombstone jaunt, climbing the fence after we realized that the gates had been locked for the night and we were, GASP, locked in the churchyard. Spooky. Not a problem for Frannie. I have to save this picture to show the baby what prenatal antics his mother had him up to!


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Matron said...

What wonderful pictures! Why do you call it your chutney garden? What sort of frut and veggies to you grow in your garden, I would be interested to hear.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I came to your blog, it was a long way. Now I am here and I see all these beautiful pictures from another world, so far away from mine. Trinidad, a word that awakes memories.I have never been there, but I once had a friend living in Princes Town, many years ago. She told me a lot about this wonderful island.It is so interesting to see what sort of plants you have (also in your garden). I'll come back for other visits and I hope you don't mind.
Greetings from Switzerland where we should have summer temperatures now, but actually have rain and about 14°C (almost like in winter).