Saturday, 4 August 2007

So Trinidad

These are some more of Rosie's photos . Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to see our beauty all over again. Rosie has a gift for being able to isolate what is quintessentially us without descending into cliche.
Looking out onto Centipede Island off the tip of the northern peninsula in Chaguaramas. A beautiful morning "down the islands".Maracas beach.

I can only take credit for the cocoa. They are from my tree and I am a bit of a loss as to what to do with them, so they are posing as decorations in my demerara window.These are things that really say home to me. Our vanishing fretwork that I can only hope that someone out there has documented the patterns of the different designs. We have already lost so many.
Bois Cano leaf. This leaf comes from a forest tree and the fallen foliage is so startling that it is often used decoratively. At Christmas, they can be sprayed gold and used as interesting accents or an extra fancy creche roof.

The corbeaux gets such a bad rap. Rosie has caught his noble profile here and he seems to be deep in thought. These birds are highly intelligent and will bond closely to human caregivers. I have a friend who nurtured an injured baby and released him into the wild. But he continues to visit to be fed and loved and has taken to bringing home his La Basse (our garbage dump) friends. But I will save all of that for a separate corbeaux post on Barbie and Grommet.
Our Gasparee caves with their shimmering pools of water and massive centipedes. Reflections of palm fronds.


Anonymous said...

oh these were so lovely, they brought a tear to my eyes :D gonna share it with some friends! And so that is the famous bois cano... we had plenty of them at my old home in st augustine but didn't know the name... i used to play with them :D

My Chutney Garden said...

Thanks D,
Love to find all of us that have these great childhood memories of growing up in
Trinidad. Love your site so am just about to show it to my sister who is visiting from Miami.
Thanks for dropping by,

Anonymous said...

You've got the most beautiful pictures of Trinidad on your blog! I try to take some whenever we visit, but nothing compared to what I see here.

Nicole said...

Such lovely and wonderful photos. they truly capture of essence of my Trinidad