Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Saving our Buildings

Building like this are at risk of disappearing overnight. Literally. You may go to bed one night and next morning drive past a heap of rubble. And the frightening thing is that when these buildings go, that's it. They are gone forever, There is no template to follow; no catalogue of local historical fretwork. The best we can do until the National Trust grows some teeth is to photograph and document as much as we can. This lovely building is the City Gate building which I believe was the old train station. The architecture is Georgian and reminds me very much of the buildings that I saw in New York.
A mystery. The logo below has a definite Rennie MacIntosh feel to it -Beautiful and almost calligraphic. Will this beautiful style come back into fashion again?
I love old structures because they remind me that not everything has a price tag. In this digital age of consumerism, it becomes easy to believe that anything can be replaced. These structures serve to remind us that reality still lies in the concrete and the tangible.

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