Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Glad to be back home

It's so good to be home.I walked in the garden this morning to see what had come into bloom while I was away. Below is the unfurling flower of a new Datura. I have two new varieties- orange and pink. The one below is pink believe it or not, but I am waiting to see how it opens up. My Rangoon Creeper has come into full bloom with its distinctive smell. I love the dry season as the humidity drops dramatically, the sun is out more often and everything blooms. With all of this comes a definite dry season "smell" which I love. It's a mix of the earth, the flowers in bloom and a distant smell of fire sometimes.

I caught this costus from a small piece so am very proud of it. It is called "French Kiss". I really must find out the name of this orchid. It is scented as well.
Everyone out having their early morning sun.
Shooby is back after spending 10 days with his new granny, Barbara Cabral. He is glad to be back home (I think) but is still not his boisterous self.Mad Suzy who will be the death of my computer and scanner. As I am trying to type this she is lying on my mouse.


Dorothy said...

Sharon..I have been enjoying your travels throughout the Caribbean..wonderful pictures..very interesting..But..I am completely in awe of your beautiful garden flowers....I hope you have a restful week, after such a busy travel adventure.....Dee Dee

My Chutney Garden said...

Thanks Dee Dee. I am really hoping I can spend some time in the garden this week.

Wicked Gardener said...

How do you maintain such pretty flowers while traveling? You must tell me your secret. Hoards of servents? Mine die even when I stare at them every day, pleading for them to grow. I'm beyond envious. :)

Nicole said...

I absolutely love your last two posts, but rushing with deadlines now, hopefully will get to comment in detail soon. What a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant shots as usual, I learn so much from your posts. Hope all is well in your world!