Monday, 25 January 2010

Carnival Time Again

Carnival time in Trinidad. The season begins right after Christmas. In fact, it would eclipse Christmas if Trinidadians did not love their Nativity season so much. What we have now is a mix of seasons in strange new musical genres such as soca-parang. But once the creches are packed away and the trees put away, Carnival fever kicks in.

I love the traditional characters such as the sailors, the bats, the devils. And the details that make them authentic. What is a true sailor without his baby powder?The dances that accompany these costumes are just as entertaining as the whole get-up. I am always amazed that bank clerks, gas station attendants, advertising executives and beauty queens et al enter into the spirit of the mas and completely occupy their carnival personas. It is one of the truly unique aspects of Trinidad's Carnival. This ability to re-invent themselves for two days is one of the release valves of the society.
Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. Anyone can play.


Clint said...

All I cna say is wow!

red studio said...

What a great post! I really love all the color and patterns.

Heiko said...

Carnival in the Carribean must be great. There's carnival with us in Italy, Venice of course and Viareggio near us, but it's all a bit put on and not lived. I'd love to be there. Only experienced Notting Hill Carnival a few times, but it's probably no patch on the real thing.

Good to see you blogging again.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I've only just stumbled upon your blog and am now getting caught up on your older posts. It's a lovely space you have created here.