Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day said the Jellyfish

I think that what we have in our waters is the Rhopilema verrilli or"Mushroom jellyfish" . According to the site this jellyfish seems to match the description below.
Clear, translucent or creamy white bell, some reddish-brown pigmentation on bell margin. 48 lappets form bell margin. It does not have tentacles, but does have long, finger-like appendages extending from underneath the bell. Bell size: up to 20 inches in diameter. Mild to no sting
We know it as tennis ball jellyfish because we'd throw them at each other a la tennis ball when we were teenagers down the islands. This is the time of year that the waters in the Gulf of Paria are full of these pulsating little creatures. Unlike the venomous Portuguese Man-of-War that plagues the East Coast beaches, this jellyfish is very benign.
And very pretty. Who would have known that it is ringed with red hearts. Nature's Valentine's wish and she even chose one with little to no sting.
Happy early Valentine's Day from the Mushroom jellyfish.
P.S. - We threw him back in.
And if anyone know that he is not a mushroom jellyfish, can you let me know what he is?


Stone Art's Blog said...

I thought for a sec he was going to be valentine's dinner!

Unknown said...

How cool are his little red hearts! I never knew that they did not sting. I avoid all jelly fish

My Chutney Garden said...

They sting a little - kind of like sea ants but nothing too terrible. But I agree, avoid all jellyfish!

Jennifer Stone said...

Suuuuuushi Just joking.
That's an impressive photograph - sometimes we miss the details.