Tuesday, 5 June 2007

If I ever doubted that I was a true Trini, I've really got it all covered now. I can tick off "spent afternoon shooting pictures in the President's Grounds". For all Trini ex-pats spread far and wide, I know that they will identify with this. It's just a really us thing to do. However, while saying that, I now know why so many people do it. There's a lot to practice on. Below is a shot I
am really proud of, it's a reflection of the cast iron. I also had to shoot the statue (I was actually trying to get the water in the air) with the lovely President's House in the back ground. And then there's Desmond's hand with the flower. These were shot at the height of the dry season and the light is so different. Tomorrow I'll post some living flora as I seem to have got on a statue track. With the rain here, all the calladiums are beginning to make an appearance and pop up all over the place.