Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Fairchild Again

I have posted on some of these before but thought that I would revisit this day. I had shot the descriptions and thought that I would post them.
If you have any reservations about large lizards, I would approach Fairchild with extreme caution- I have never seen so many iguanas. What I find amazing is that they don't eat everything in sight. But according to the information below, this is changing as "our" Caribbean iguana invades. I know what they mean - here in Trinidad, iguanas eat all young shoots, flowers and just about everything else that moves. I love seeing them in the wild but cannot say that I would be happy to meet one of them in the house- I have seen one snap his tail at my dogs with impressive results. Still it is sad to see them caught and trussed up for sale at the side of the road- they are considered a delicacy by many people and the taste has been compared to chicken. I have stopped and bargained to buy them so that I can release them into my garden. Why I do not know as they repay my generosity by eating my orchids. But c'est la vie, I just like seeing them hanging around.
This is the more civilized American iguana. The Caribbean variety are not as large or as orange.

I love this colour combination.