Friday, 16 November 2007

Hello Caribbean Garden!

I felt as if I was going on a blind date. Nicole (Tira) from A Caribbean Garden was in Trinidad this week and we managed to hook up for a day of garden visiting and photographing.
She's lovely and has a wonderful sense of humour with a big, big laugh. :)
Here she is chatting with Chris Talma of Foliage Designs who runs one of the larger nuseries on the island. His property is located deep in the Santa Cruz valley, on a slightly raised bluff that looks onto the Northern Range.

While walking on the lovely nature trail that is punctuated by several varieties of heliconia, we chanced upon this barred Anshrik. They are not rare but, neither are they common. I was very happy to get so close to him as to see his red eyes.

Just one of the statues that appear on the trail as you meander your way through the Foliage Design garden.
Lovely pommerac or Malay Apple seldom lasts long on the tree and it is best eaten right off the branch.