Thursday, 3 April 2008

Shades of Pink

Remember the Datura from two days ago? In a magical tranformation, the beige whorl became this lovely pink bell. A close up of a hybrid Crown of Thorns which is a member of the Euphorbia family, characterised by its milky sap that is often a skin irritant or, in extreme cases, poisonous. Poinsettia is also a member of this family. Most of this family will catch easily by piece but it is often necessary to let the cutting "dry" a bit before placing in potting mix.

Frangipani. I like to float these petals in shallow bowls when I am entertaining. I first saw this done in Guatemala years ago and copied the idea. I think they may do the same thing in Hawai. For those who have asked, I keep my garden together with the help of my trusty gardener Bolan. I would like to say that I dig every hole and prune every tree but it's just not realistic. We spend some time together in the morning and decide what we are going to tackle for the day. Generally we move from bed to bed. The garden is an organic place, it is constantly evolving and changing. He is great and I could not do it without him.
Thanks Bolan.