Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Yesterday was 13 years that we 've been married. Unbelievable! It's been a long time since I've looked at these pictures but the memories come right back. Bagshot Hotel, where we got married, is no longer there. It was torn down for development and it was such a gorgeous old house. I have no pictures of Marie France because she is always in the background, but she did all the decorations for me in a true labour of love.
Both Bethany and Jordan are so young.
Mummy and I.
Our family in the backyard in Blue RangeThe wedding party. I'm glad to say that all of these people are still a big part of our lives. Frances would have been part of the bridesmaid line up but she was big and pregnant with Matthew.
All my bridesmaids are still a big part of my life. Jennifer and Wendy live away but I still see both of them fairly regularly and of course, Tara and Heather, I see all the time. And Colin, Colin and Grant are the same.

Here is the whole family. Everybody looks so young.

The girls. Danae was 16 last week and Bethany is away in London at school.
It was a good party!