Sunday, 18 May 2008

Good Night

Green Thumb Sunday
The garden tucks itself in by gently folding petals into the centre. The hibiscus in particular beds down with an air of relief. Anything to escape the May heat and to welcome the cool night air.
This last yellow is reluctant to go to bed, Not so this double red. He should perk up again by tomorrow morning.
No, this is not a hibiscus. It is a curly lily. I have never seen one like it before and I picked it up at the horticultural market and this is the second blooming of the year. As I write this, the frogs are bellowing from the copper and the cicadas have been screaming for rain all evening. For those that think I may be using purple prose here, this is not hyperbole. There is an incredible racket outside tonight. I love the sounds of our night.
Another more common lily that is locally referred to as an "Easter lily".

Another sleepy one. This is one of my new ones and is a recent import from Miami. I have never seen this particular colour locally. It is a true orange with no hint of red or coral in it.

The flowers of a miniature ixora. The little flowers are exquisite as they open. Each little one perfect in its symmetry.
Good night. Good night frogs, cicadas, crickets. Protect us from the batchacs as we sleep.