Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Here is the chutney mix before it goes into the pot. Most of it has been done in the food processor but there are some large chunks of mango in the mix.
I cooked the chutney this morning and it's really good.
The colour changes pretty quickly and that's why I like to leave the big chunks of fruit for a little variation. It will darken with age and the flavours will settle and mature. It's better this year than last year. I think it's the ginger. Here's the recipe again.

Mango Chutney
26 mangoes- julie, vert, or starch. Half ripe at most- Definitely not ripe! Peeled and sliced or minced
1/2 lb of raisins
1 lb of currants
1 lb of prune
1/2 lb of dates (optional)
4 ozs garlic
1/2 lb of fresh ginger
2 tsp salt
3lbs of brown sugar
1-2 hot peppers to taste
1-2 litres of vinegar (apple cider preferably)

Mix everything together (can use food processor) except sugar and marinate overnight at room temperature (not in fridge).
Next day add sugar and cook for one hour. Stir as needed until wooden spoon stands firm (not too stiff) and mixture starts to leave the sides of the pot. It will start to make hot puffs and bubble. Bottle into sterilized bottles. Label and give to friends.
Notes- The original recipe actually calls for 4 lbs of brown sugar. Last year I used 2 as an experiment. It was quite tart at the beginning but aged beautifully with the flavours really coming in after about six months. The happy medium for me seems to be 3 lbs. You can chunky chop your ingredients (which I do) because I like to see my mango. Many others prefer it minced. It's really your choice. This chutney is great with curry, in sandwiches, spread on top of philly cheese and served with crix for a nice dip.