Wednesday, 15 August 2007

River Lime

Does the river lime culture exist anywhere else? Or did it evolve here quite by accident?
Whatever the origins, it has reached new heights around rivers all over the island. Here we were on a rainy Tuesday afternoon heading up river when we stumbled upon this lime.
It all looks quite picturesque and natural but having packed my car for a hike, I know that someone had to do a lot of packing with a list. While I considered myself chock-a-block full having packed chairs and a cooler; what about not forgetting:
1. The Pot

2. The Seasoning
2. The Meat

4. The Gas Cylinder

5. The coconuts (to go with the Johnny Walker Black)
6. The Johnny Walker Black
7. The cutlass to cut the meat and the coconuts
8. The speakers
9. The extension cord
10. The Generator
11. The enamel plates
12. The cooler with the ice
13. The gas ring to cook the food.

Anything else?

Marianne Falls (Avocat)

With all the rain that's been pouring down on the island for the last week, the rivers are full, which means the waterfalls are at their best. And what better time to explore the rainforest.

Marianne Falls or Avocat Falls are located about five miles in on the Blanchiseusse /Arima road. The river runs all the way down to the beach but this is quite a way inland and it is surrounded by much of the same Northern Range terrain that we saw at Asa Wright. The bird watching is similar with quite a heavy presence of the white bearded manakin. The peace lilies that grow on the river side defy description. They run at about five feet tall and are glossy and healthy. When mother nature does the landscaping, it's all perfect and laid down in huge swathes of green with costuses and ferns interspersed in the back.

The water is so clean at this time of year as it is comes rushing down the forest. Exploring many of the natural gorges at this time of year can be risky as the water levels can changes very quickly. So a placid looking stream can become very spirited in a matter of minutes depending on the location and the tides of the sea.