Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sunshines Bar and Grill in Nevis

Lovely chicken lunch at Sunshines . The chicken was breast and BBQ breast can sometimes be very tough but this was tasty and tender. I especially like the use of the seasoning pepper for an accent. It provides both colour and flavour. Interestingly, there was very little chadon beni (our strong coriander like seasoning) on the island. For a dish like this, that flavour would be too strong but coriander is perfect.You can probably see that the chicken was basted at the last moment with the BBQ sauce and not put on the grill with it coated already. Although I know this inside out, I still persist, convinced that I know better. And inevitably have some blackened pieces. It is a feat to achieve colour, tenderness and flavour with BBQ chicken breast. It is probably one of the more difficult things to get absolutely perfect.

The rice was perfect and not gummy. I'm not sure what the stock base was, but would bet that there was some pumpkin in there.
I am cheating here as this shot was actually taken in June and not on this trip. This time around there was no sign of these breezy, funky curtains. I was so disappointed because I really like them.
Sunshines Bar at sundown.


I must say something about this fabulous event. It was only started three years ago so is still very small, intimate and exclusive. There is something about Nevis that conveys both extreme sophistication and a down home, old time, summer holiday, kind of feeling.
The photos are from the Saturday evening event which was billed as "Taste of Nevis" by "Chef's of Nevis".

The team was led by Nevisian Curtis Smithen who has been named Executive Chef at the Four Seasons Resort Great Exuma at Emerald Bay in the Bahamas. Curtis was specially invited to come and do his magic on home turf.

Curtis is such a sweetheart that it's easy to get liming and forget that he is one of the eminent chefs of the region. He is everything that I think characterizes an excellent Caribbean chef and it's wonderful to see the region producing such talent.

Chef Bruno Correa is the new culinary head at the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis. This Swiss native is best known for his hands on approach and his sense of humour. His move from the Far East, where he was the Executive Sous Chef at Four Seasons Hotel, Hong Kong, brings an interesting edge to both the region and the cuisine.
Sunshine and Augusto Schreiner. A whole lot of talent in this snapshot.
Sunshine is famous throughout the world for his hip and funky beach bar. Much has been written about his charismatic style and I was fortunate to experience some of this famous Sunshine warmth first hand. A Trini is about as inconspicuous as a large elephant in Nevis. Everywhere I went, as soon as I opened my mouth, everyone (well almost everyone) said "TRINI!". When Sunshine heard my accent, he welcomed me warmly and then climbed up to show me where the Trinidad and Tobago flag was hanging with several other international ones. I was really touched! A nice man. And he serves a mean Killer Bee (goes down like a lamb, then kicks you like a mule!). Don't be deceived by its innocent taste, it packs a good wallop.
Augusto Schreiner is the consultant chef on the NICHE project and is instrumental in planning and developing this novel event. He works closely with the Nevis Tourist Authority and the tireless, charming, and always, always; gracious Helen Kidd. and his input can be seen at so many levels. He is charming and was often my seat companion on the way to various events. Always willing to chat, always down to earth and smiling. He is another one that it is easy to forget that you are in the midst of a true culinary star. I admit that I am a bit of a food groupie so great chefs do to me what Brittney Spears does to my 10 year old.
Augusto has had a distinguished career that includes numerous awards (he was awarded honorary citizenship by New Orleans after receiving top honours in a culinary competition held in this very foodie city). He owned and operated his acclaimed restaurant "Augusto's Cuisine" for several years before selling it in 2001. He now owns and teaches at his cooking school in Puerto Rico, The Art of Cooking School.

In addition to Moet& Chandon champagne, there were also several other wines available.Chef Abdue Hill from Sunset Beach Club says it all; come, come! You must come to this event next year. So I bid on the silent auction for the 2008 NICHE package. This auction is a new concept and is the brain child of the Nevis Tourist Authority. The proceeds will go towards a culinary scholarship that will enable a young Nevisian to further his culinary education.

Can't post without saying hi to limer-boy Hans. It was so nice to see the St Kitts contingent. Everyone was all dressed up and sparkling and while the food was GREAT, so was the lime.