Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Chutney and Pommerac (Malay Apple)

I have finally gotten around to making my chutney. True to form, I find it impossible to follow a recipe. This time I have doubled my ginger and garlic and done a combination of fine chopping and chunky whole pieces of fruit. It is soaking overnight in its apple cider vinegar bath and I will cook it tomorrow. The colour changes dramatically once cooked and as it ages it darkens even more.
Pommeracs are also in season right now and I have just completed an article on using them in the kitchen. They are surprisingly delicious cooked and make a great chutney with a flavour not unlike cranberry. Interesting. While some of the trees are in fruit, some are a little behind and are still flowering. If you had to describe the colour of a pommerac flower, it would be impossible. The shade of pink is seldom seen in nature and the carpet underneath the pyramid shaped tree is magical.