Monday, 13 October 2008

Serious Gardeners

Yesterday the Garden Club of Trinidad launched the club's 2009 calendar, Gardening in Trinidad 2009. The launch was held at Chris Talma's home in the Santa Cruz valley. The showbench theme was "orchids" and there were some spectacular examples of unusual varieties. The Santa Cruz valley is exquisite at the best of times but from Chris's home, it is truly remarkable. The club's committee always manage to make their duties appear effortless. All of us who have ever served on a committee know that this could not be further from the truth. Below are the stalwarts and backbone of the club: Chancy Moll, president, Janice Potter, secretary and past vice-president and Jacinta, the ever-efficient treasurer.

This swing hangs from the magnificent saman tree that sits on the front lawn and looks over the northern range.
If I ever had to leave this country, this is the image that I would take with me. The saman branches stretched out against the backdrop of the northern range. This view says home so strongly: branded on my bones. When I land in another country, it's hard for me to imagine how the rest of the world navigates without mountains. A walk through the garden turns up beauties such as the berries on this palm

The orange flowers of the bromeliads tied onto a trunk

And my favorites, the calatheas

Here they are in combination - Chris is very good at creating mixed baskets - this is a combination that I would not have thought up on my own but it's one that I am very happy to copy. Bromeliads and calatheas.