Friday, 13 June 2008

Frog on the Blog

Now that the rain is here, the frogs have been going crazy. These little ones live in my copper and make a racket. You can see their size as the ginger lily is their own party pad. They were obviously under the influence of some rain, birds and bees pheromone. When I mimicked their cry, they both leapt in my direction and I nearly dropped the camera in the copper. Bear in mind this is all being done in pitch black darkness with a torch under my arm. Aren't they ridiculous? They are so much prettier than the big crapauds that are everywhere. The crapauds looks like big bullfrogs and the dogs are oblivious to the fact that just one bite can be their ticket to heaven. I don't think these little ones have the same toxic effect but who knows? For anyone who is wondering how I managed to have pink gingers in my water copper- they are flowers that I picked a few days ago and thought I would leave in this giant "garden vase" for a difference. The frogs are obviously impressed.

This is just before he took the leap towards me-aaaaarrrgh Frog on the blog. If anyone can identify these little beauties- please post a response. I would be very grateful.
As I sit typing this, the noise outside is truly over the top. They are all SO happy it is raining. When the first heavy shower came down at dusk yesterday, all the big crapauds lumbered onto the lawn and just sat with their heads raised croaking away at the sky. I had never seen this or perhaps never noticed it before. It was something to see.