Thursday, 7 June 2007

This is my home. Everyone is having a really lazy morning and just lolling around. Today was Corpus Christi and I didn't plant anything. It's a big tradition here in Trinidad that anything planted today will do very well and the plant shops usually do a booming trade.

My miniature pink banana is about to bloom. If you look closely in the picture you can see the little pink bananas developing. I really like this banana because of its size. Most of the heliconias and bananas tend to get very territorial and march their way across everything in their paths.
It will be a pleasure to grow one that is manageable.
It is too early to photograph them but my Sexy Orange heliconias are right on schedule. They are seasonal, unlike the Sexy Pink and the Sexy Red which bloom all year round. Sexy Orange begins blooming at the beginning of June and runs until about September. I'm just starting to see the tips of the blooms.
I am hoping to have shampoo gingers for the first time this year. I planted them last year and they are quite sturdy and should bloom soon.

My Petrea is dropping all of its flowers. By the time they dry on the tree , they become little airborne helicopters that whiz down to the ground. This particular bunch collected in the leaves of my "She" heliconia which is just below the petreas. My petreas are not spectacular. I think that it must have something to do with the soil. My mother lives in Blue Range which is quite a lush valley and there is a huge difference in her tree. My soil , I suspect, is not rich enough as we are on a slope.