Sunday, 10 August 2008

Birds in Tobago

A rather rumpled looking MotMot - he was a bit wet and grumpy looking. I think that this is copper rumped hummingbird but.......

The armoured chest has me confused.......Stephen Broadbridge or Courtenay! What are you? I think this may be a female Green-Mango Throat but I'm not sure......

Copper Rump- Correct me if I'm wrong-

Another Copper Rump
A rare still shot of the White-Necked Jacobin
In this shot of the female Green Throated Mango, her lovely copper coloured tail feathers are clearly visible and so is her slightly de-curved bill.

The language used to describe hummingbirds is often over-the-top. But so are these tiny birds. The determined look in the eye of this White-Necked Jacobin says it all; don't mess with me. Hummingbirds are notoriously territorial and will dive-bomb any humans who venture too close to their feeders. Lovely female Green Throated Mango- what a gorgeous name.
Another White-necked Jacobin coming in for a landing.......

Another Copper Rump - Look at those magnificent colours - they are fast and aggressive.
This is a female Green Throated Mango. I am identifying her by her white underside with a black median stripe.

This is my favourite shot. This tanager is looking straight at me. She is a beautiful.

I turned around and there was a MotMot just sitting there calmly looking at me. Completely unafraid. These a so common in Tobago that it's almost possible to become complacent about their presence. A lovely and graceful Palm Tanager.

These pink-footed doves have dominated the bird feeding scene at Arnos Vale Hotel. They are the most vociferous and aggressive which is quite at odds with their peaceful, mythical image. My ffrench book of "Birds of Trinidad" lists them as violet eared doves but I couldn't see their ears far less what colour they were.

Tobago would not be Tobago without the noisy, pushy, argumentative behaviour of the bold bananquit. They are shameless in their begging and will jump in your sugar bowl if you are unwise enough to leave it on your porch. It is customary to leave a small saucer of sugar on your balcony to attract their interest. This eveninig at Arnos Vale Hotel, they put on quite a show for me as they grumbled and argued with each other.

Move over!!!