Thursday, 2 August 2007


The ubiquitous barra and channa that every Trinidadian recognizes as the most delicious fast food ever invented. Doubles. Whether you have it plain, slight pepper or the works, it is delicious.

The barra or doughy outside for want of a better description, begins this way. I cannot begin to describe the speed of this operation. We were on our way to Asa Wright and stopped for breakfast opposite the Arima race track. The corner is well known and the saheena and baiganee are legendary. They very nicely let me jump up into their mobile truck/kitchen and take some pictures.

Into the pot and a quick puff and they are ready to come out again.Here they are heading for the curried channa filling.

Baiganee, my favourite, is deep fried melongene or eggplant. Then doused with tamarind sauce.
Double Yum!

The sauces are almost as delicious as the doubles. Choose between tamarind, chadon beni, mother-in-law pepper or the works , which means add any and everything, generously.

And you can wash it down with a cold drink.