Tuesday, 18 December 2007

First Morning on Turks and Caicos Safari

I love the light so much on these coral islands- it is so different to our jungly, greeny hue. This light is reflected off the aqua water and powdery white sands and throws back a crispness that is quite remarkable.

Pair this with the cobalt of the glasses and the yellow of the orange juice and the palette is perfect.

After our rather lively night at "Da Conch Shack" we were all a bit fragile the next morning. If you are going to do breakfast, aim for the skies- raspberries on cream top the granola, all accented with a sprig of mint. Not impossible to do at home but very satisfying both aesthetically and gastronomically. Wash it all down with a mimosa and you are ready to go again.

Where were we?
On fabulous Grace Bay beach in Turks and Caicos enjoying the hospitality of Nikheel Advani who was the co-chairman of the 1st Annual TCI Gourmet Safari. This young , hip Managing Director of Grace Bay Club was impeccably turned out at 8.00am . There he is in the middle, with Sebastein from Dellis Cay and Dan Dunn, writer.
I am jumping ahead of myself because this was actually breakfast dessert - yes, there is such a thing- strawberries in champagne.

We are waking up slowly- in the background looking quite sleepy is Dan Dunn who is fresh off a book tour promoting his first book "The Imbiber". Life as a spirits writer- no not the medium kind! The kind that cause you to make wild promises and bond indiscriminately with the nearest warm body. My husband is already devouring it and I have heard the laugh out loud moments. Dan is a funny guy with a LOT of stamina.
This day ended at 2.00am or thereabouts and I was the one to finally put him to sleep on the bus by trying to explain the history of the Caribbean using my palm for geographic references. Poor man, he was no match.