Monday, 19 January 2009

The Mainland

I am sure that these photos have been posted before but I wanted to remind myself how beautiful down -the-islands is at this time of year. The photo below shows Venezeula, a mere seven miles away. It is so strange to look at this continent and imagine that we were once part of this land mass. When looking at the maps of Trinidad and Venezeula, it's possible to actually see where the island slipped away like an awry jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps it would not be so odd if we shared cultural similarities but the language barrier is a major deterrent to the easy ebb and flow between the two states. But the tie to landscape is strong. It's difficult to separate the "them" and"us" when the land is almost the same.

The dolphins have become much more common in recent years. As children we rarely saw them but now we are fortunate to see them almost every time we go down. They will entertain themselves by running along the side of the boat and crisscrossing in front of the boat,

I am a dusk girl. It's my hour, the hour of the gloaming. And my favourite dusk day has always been Saturday. There's something about Saturday night unfolding that is magical. Especially when we are down the islands.