Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Chutney and Pommerac (Malay Apple)

I have finally gotten around to making my chutney. True to form, I find it impossible to follow a recipe. This time I have doubled my ginger and garlic and done a combination of fine chopping and chunky whole pieces of fruit. It is soaking overnight in its apple cider vinegar bath and I will cook it tomorrow. The colour changes dramatically once cooked and as it ages it darkens even more.
Pommeracs are also in season right now and I have just completed an article on using them in the kitchen. They are surprisingly delicious cooked and make a great chutney with a flavour not unlike cranberry. Interesting. While some of the trees are in fruit, some are a little behind and are still flowering. If you had to describe the colour of a pommerac flower, it would be impossible. The shade of pink is seldom seen in nature and the carpet underneath the pyramid shaped tree is magical.


Genevieve said...

The smells in your kitchen must be absoluty devine when you start to boil the chutney!!!

Gen xxx

catzgarden said...

I have so enjoyed your blog, and learning about your beautiful home. We share some plants, but others are totally unknown to me. Your pictures are great, your posts are wonderful. I will visit again in the future. What a lovely place to live a life!