Monday, 4 June 2007

Garden Lady

Today I walked around my garden and looked at all my garden statues. This is my Garden lady who was here to greet me when I arrived eight years ago. I think of all the people that she has seen enjoy this space.
I can't help but be a bit sad today with all the negative publicity in the media. As a Trinidadian I am deeply embarrassed by the allegations of terrorism pointing to both Trinidad and Guyana. How ironic for these two deeply beautiful and ecologically rich countries. This has put us squarely on the global front page and not in the way that we could ever have imagined. For all of us that live on this island and love it, we can only go on creating our own beauty and try to live with kindness and compassion. Take a walk outside tonight and admire the waning moon and say a silent prayer for all with bitterness in their hearts. The reason that I love living here? I read in the papers yesterday that one of the suspects was much loved in his home village where he was fondly referred to as "Pops". A shocked neighbour says (in all seriousness!), "I can't believe that, you think if Pops had money he would be blowing up JFK and not fix his roof?" You have to love this country.
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