Tuesday, 26 June 2007

My New Lens!

Well guess who got a new lens today? I am so thrilled with it. It is a Canon 50mm, F2.5 and there is a huge difference between this and the Rebel XT's Kit lens. Thank you , Mark!This is my honeysuckle vine which smells as delicious as you think honeysuckle should. The very sound of the name is divine- honeysuckle.
My firework burst of lantana.
The Sexy Red with its powdery leaves.
Remember the baby pink bananas from last week. Here they are all grown up.
A new coleus to my garden. My first one with pinks and greens and I've placed it next to the pink calladiums.


Nicole said...

Beautiful photos. Well you know when I am in Trinidad I checking you for some honeysuckle and sexy red cuttings!

Niky said...

Great photo's Sharon.

I really must buy Mark some great new lenses for his camera ............ OK you got me, it's Mark writing this ....

Love the Blog and keep it up !

My Chutney Garden said...

Thanks a mil, I love comments! They make my day. Sexy Red is the easiest thing to grow, we'll wrap them up in some newspaper and hide them in your suitcase. Honeysuckle I'm going to try and catch. It looks easy. Thanks for your offer if I get to Anguilla. I will email you if I'm passing through.
HI ingognito Mark. Isn't the lens great? I'm so thrilled with it. Thanks again. And yes, you must get one.

Anonymous said...