Thursday, 26 July 2007

Asa Wright

I'm very happy to be back on-line. Had a DSL glitch that is hopefully resolved. I went to Asa Wright yesterday which is a lovely eco-resort in the Northern Range.
Below is the flower of the Calliandra or Powder Puff. When translated the word Calliandra means "beautiful stamens". When the tree is in full flower, the effect is quite magical with the little tufts of pink decorating the branches like ornaments.

A beautiful variety of ixora with a perfectly formed head. This seems to be the year of the ixora. Every one that I have seen has outdone itself this year. To be honest, we have become accustomed to them because they are so much a part of the landscape. But this year, something in the weather has been perfect. Who knows what subterranean signal goes out to each member of the family, instructing them all that it is a good year to bloom with passion.

The hummingbirds love this plant. I don't know what it is called but it grows wild in the underbrush of the forest.
A palm tanager stops by for a snack.
Tree ferns are very difficult to grow out of the mountains. They become petulant and lose their gloss. But up in the Northern Range, they are sleek and smooth.


Nicole said...

Lovely pictures. I just love visiting Asa Wright

My Chutney Garden said...

Thanks Nicole. I went one year ago and I've made a resolution that I have to go at least once a year. It really puts things into perspective.:)

Chennette said...

Asa Wright is one of my favourite places, but I don't think I have been there enough. And not with a camera. Nice shots!

william said...