Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Lungs of a City

It's hard to believe that we are one of the most industrialized islands of the Caribbean. Thankfully we still have the lungs of the city intact. Our Savannah is the largest roundabout in the world and is a green haven in the midst of development. I've been talking about Queen of Flower trees and not to belabour the point, but here is a beautiful one on the Savannah. Covering an area of approximately 400 acres, the Savannah is the county's de facto national park and cultural centre. Trinidadians are a very tolerant people and I often wonder if it isn't our strong tie to the landscape that keeps us rooted. The Savannah belongs to everyone. It is the centre of a million, homespun memories. Playing carnival, taking a Sunday afternoon stroll, stopping for roasted corn, oysters, phulorie (fried split peas balls served with a mango sauce), jogging to get fit for carnival or sitting under the blooming trees. You can cool off after a run with a freshly cut coconut, see the moon come up over Laventille or watch a great game of cricket/rugby/football. Even the visitors leave with their own Savannah memories intact. As a national park, it is a unifying reference point that goes far beyond its green expanse.Sometimes I think we don't know how lucky we are.


Karen said...

Such gorgeous photos! All of a sudden I am homesick.

My Chutney Garden said...

You know it will always be your savannah wherever you are in the world. Just make sure your kids get at least one memory down pat.
Thanks for visiting!

The TriniGourmet said...

oh gorsh, how beautiful :) definitely a new perspective on a sight i take for granted :)

Barbara said...

Very impressive these wonderful trees! How long do they bloom? Thank you for showing pictures of your beautiful island!
Greetings from Switzerland.