Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Day of the Pigs (and goats and cows)

We are walking down to a secluded beach on the southern peninsula of St Kitts. It was HOT! Hot sun and HOT sand, absolutely stunning. Driving back through the peninsula we came upon herds of cows and goats all sheltering under the shrubby trees from the sun. Of course, we stopped and realized that their water coppers and troughs were empty.

He looks remarkably calm for a goat stuck in a copper. We had to help him out and then give everyone some water.

Here is Hans moonlighting as the waterman while conducting his island tour. We were a bit concerned as it's not often that we deal with swarming livestock.
All is well and the day is saved.

We stopped at Turtle Bar to have lunch and to visit a celebrity who did not even open his eyes when Frannie gingerly sat on him. Apparently Wilbur does move around and may on occasion be seen cavorting on the beach (all 500plus lbs of him). Clearly he had had his daily exercise by time we got there. Turtle Bar looks across the bay at Nevis . The atmosphere is casual and comfortable with excellent food.
Wilbur's birth certificateJust another day in paradise. Jump off the jetty, splash and yell, swim to shore and do all over again. Repeat 20 times. Eat lunch. Start all over.
This is what holidays are all about.

Speaking of cavorting animals, these twins had their mother giddy.I'm cheating here as this was another day and place. We were having tea at Montpelier in Nevis and this little bird was so persistent that we had to put some sugar out for him. I don't recognize him as one from Trinidad. He looks almost semp like. Can anyone identify him?


Matron said...

What lovely photographs! I should think that goats and gardens do not mix well? Don't they eat everything? I was just remembering a story from one of the James Herriot books when he was called out to a goat who had eaten a woman's underwear from her washing line! I look forward to more posts on your wonderful site!

My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Matron,
Thanks for your lovely post. You are right. Goats and gardens are probably a bad combination. They do eat everything. I was surprised to see so many in St Kitts.
Thanks for visiting and please come by again,

Anonymous said...

My husband and I just came back from beautiful St Kitts, being an animal lover I thoroughly enjoyed all the goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, monkey's and all of nature that the island had to offer. I don't know if you have identified the bird pictured since you had written, I decided to search for him and have found out that he is a Lesser Antillean Bullfinch.