Monday, 20 August 2007

August Blooms

This dellicately coloured anthurium is one of the most popular in the cut flower market. It lasts for about three weeks in fresh water.
This little vine is the blue pea. I'm not sure of the real name but it is a cheerful addition to any porch as it is always in flower. It will grow easily from seeds that develop in the pods.

Dendrobiums are among the hardiest of the orchid family. The genera is ever increasing as breeders continue to develop hybrids.
More and more of my bromeliads are coming into bloom now. The only problem with bromeliads at this time of the year is that they collect water and can sometimes serve as reservoirs for breeding mosquito colonies. With dengue always a concern, it is a good idea to check bromeliads for mosquito larvae.


Barbara said...

Except the blue pea we can buy all other plants in our flower shops. Anthurium and Bromelias are quite popular room plants here. Do they bloom in free nature at this time of the year in your country?? Lovely pictures!
Have a nice week! Barbara

My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Barbara,
The anthuriums and bromeliads bloom really well outdoors. They both grow in the same sort of terrain. We tend to use old coconut husks to make a bed. They do okay in soil but it must not be too moist or clayey.
I do better with the bromeliads than the anthuriums.
Hope you have a lovely week too,

Catherine said...

You have beautiful plants...and pic's of them, I love blue and blue flowers are a fav. Hope I can find seeds for the blue pea vine..gorgeous!! Nice site, glad I found ya, will have to visit again soon!!

My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Catherine,
Thanks so much. I'll drop by and visit your site too. I try to post everyday but often get sidetracked.
Thanks for visiting.