Wednesday, 26 September 2007

First Blooming of the Curcuma and Shampoo Gingers

I did have an earlier post very similar to this, but somehow lost it. How I don't know!!
Here are my new shampoo gingers. I'm so thrilled with them. When you squeeze them gently, they give off a divine smelling, almost soapy liquid.This is a curcuma which has never bloomed before.

We cut my white frangipani this morning as the trees were in a desperate need of a prune. These are the flowers that I got. They make such a show when they are all clumped together. My gardener was saying today that we haven't had the caterpillars that usually decimate these trees. Hmmm. Wonder where they are?
Marigolds are not indigenous to the region but will grow from seed. If I was a purist, I probably would not have them but every now and them I succumb to the temptation of something temporary. These are my plant one night stands!Isn't it cheerful and lovely?

My first sunflower. Years ago when I was in Spain, I remember seeing sunflowers by the acres. Rows upon rows upon rows of these cheerful heads following the sun along its path through the sky. Amazing!
I think we are too damp and humid for them really to thrive here but we do sometimes succeed with seeds.

Pink begonia which is just as deliciously scented as its yellow and white sibling.
Rangoon creeper. It begins this delicate pink and then moves on to a ruddier colour. The beauty of it is that there are different coloured blooms on the vine all at the same time.

My purple bouganvillea that can feel Christmas in the air. The sun has changed directions and many areas of the garden are now receiving light and direct sun for the first time in many months. Diferent parts of my garden will start to bloom now. These subtle signs are as strong for me as fall is in temperate climates.


Anonymous said...

Uh huh...I've spotted those Jurassic caterpillars on your frangipani tree a couple of years ago.

They were absolutely terrifying - I think they have teeth! I hope they haven't ambled into your house. But they turn into beautiful butterflies someone once told me - you didn't spray insecticide on the tree did you?

Also, when are the "mule" lovebirds going to make an appearance on The Chutney Garden?

Barbara said...

As I already wrote in your lost post of yesterday, I am very astonished to see marigolds and sunflowers in your exotic garden. Here these plants are very popular and common. You already "smell" Christmas whilst I would like to stick to summer.....
Have a good time!

Jen said...

Your photos are so lovely! I have been thinking about you as you grieve. How wonderful to have a beautiful garden to help you through.

My Chutney Garden said...

Thank you so much everyone. I went up to Paramin today and it was so lovely.

farmingfriends said...

Sunflowers are my favourite flower. I love their cheery flower heads. we gave sunflower seeds as favours at our wedding so that our friends and family could plant the seeds afterwards. sara from farmingfriends