Wednesday, 24 October 2007

My Niche Weekend

I had such an amazing time in Nevis that I wanted to show it off a bit.
This is the lobby of the fabulous Four Seasons Resort in Nevis. I was very lucky to stay there over the weekend and had a chance to experience some good old fashioned style and glamour. Most people got dressed up in the evening and there was that contained air of elegance that hangs over special Friday nights.The view of the water from the main lobby. And no, this is not photoshopped.

The grand entrance where the doormen never failed to welcome or call out a cheerful greeting. There is more to service than meets the eye and all the staff were always impeccable. An example of the Caribbean architectural vernacular with its characteristic fretwork, large verandah and cross-bar railing.
One of the villas that is nestled under the canopy of the saman tree. These villas are privately owned but are part of the Four Seasons Development and can sometimes be found in the rental pool.
This one is situated right on one of the best greens in the Caribbean. It may even be the best one, but I will have to check my facts.


Barbara said...

Robert Trent Jones "created" the greens, you showed on the last picture. His courses are famous all over the world..there are many of them in Europe too! I guess, it must have been a wonderful weekend. BTW did you play on this course?

My Chutney Garden said...

Thanks Barbara,
I am actually going to post that. :)
No, I don't play. Maybe one day.
Yes, it was a lovely weekend. Have you been to Nevis?
Keep good,

Barbara said...

No, I haven't been to Nevis...up to now! Who knows, maybe once in the future???
Have a nice weekend Sharon!