Tuesday, 16 October 2007

New lens

I am trying out my new lens which is a 70-300mm Canon and gives me a decent zoom.
It means I no longer have to hang precariously off my balcony when I'm trying to get a shot. I have to admit that while I need it and like it very much, I think I'm more of a macro kind of girl.
The above shot is a photo of one of my favorite heliconias. It is known as "She". I don't have the full name. She is beautiful and even her texture with a soft, fuzzy finish is feminine.

Below are the purple banana that get quite big. The birds love them and I hope with a zoom lens that I can get some good shots.

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Nicole said...

Hi Sharon. What an appropriate post for me, as today is my birthday and what did hubby get me? A Nikon DSLR! I have to learn to use it so I can get some great shots like yours. I also want to comment on several of your most recent posts-one of Lion's son, Akhe, is one of my husband's best friend going back to high school, but busy with finishing up work so I can go on vacation. Take care and will write more soon.