Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sunshines Bar and Grill in Nevis

Lovely chicken lunch at Sunshines . The chicken was breast and BBQ breast can sometimes be very tough but this was tasty and tender. I especially like the use of the seasoning pepper for an accent. It provides both colour and flavour. Interestingly, there was very little chadon beni (our strong coriander like seasoning) on the island. For a dish like this, that flavour would be too strong but coriander is perfect.You can probably see that the chicken was basted at the last moment with the BBQ sauce and not put on the grill with it coated already. Although I know this inside out, I still persist, convinced that I know better. And inevitably have some blackened pieces. It is a feat to achieve colour, tenderness and flavour with BBQ chicken breast. It is probably one of the more difficult things to get absolutely perfect.

The rice was perfect and not gummy. I'm not sure what the stock base was, but would bet that there was some pumpkin in there.
I am cheating here as this shot was actually taken in June and not on this trip. This time around there was no sign of these breezy, funky curtains. I was so disappointed because I really like them.
Sunshines Bar at sundown.

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