Thursday, 17 January 2008

Feeling Macro

It's been a long time since I've had that groovy macro kind of feeling-
The more I use my 50mm is the more I realize, macro is it.

The flower of a purple leaf costus. If anyone can identify, please do so. Thanks.
The leaf of this costus with its beautiful swirling patterns...Silver Congea or Congea tomentosa. This is just one bloom. The entire shrub becomes covered in long, silver sprays. When the pods in the centre open up.... the seeds are deep a result....the entire plant can take on a subtle lilac hue that overlies the silver.
White begonia or bread and cheese as it is affectionately known throughout the region. These flowers are delicately scented in the early morning. I also have the pink variety. I have seen that the flowers can be eaten in salad and they would make an attractive garnish.
This is early morning light- it shows up the peculiar texture- almost satiny
Cat whiskers (Orthosiphon stamineus). It is impossible to say how many times I have moved this plant. It has only just, three years later, found the ideal spot.


No Rain said...

Great macro photos!

GardenJoy4 said...

Gorgeous pictures ! It is very satisfying when you get a great macro shot : )

Green thumb said...

Great photography, dear Sharon!
Keep it up,
Best wishes

Sue Swift said...

Super photos. I love the lines of the furled up leaves...

Do you remember you said you wanted to participate in the upcoming Garden Blogger's carnival? We're getting close, so don't forget to send in your link.

Looking forward to getting it.

Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...

hi :)

came across ur blog whilst updating mine. It's interesting to see that u hv cats whiskers in Trinidad :). We have it in abundance in Malaysia as well, it as also a remedy for diabetics. We would usually boil the flower (if not mistaken) and drink it, it would bring down the blood sugar level. I wonder if people in Trinidad does that as well?


PerennialGirl said...

Awesome shots! All beautiful flowers! Have you ever seen seeds from the CONGEA TOMENTOSA?

:) Donna