Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Dusk in the Garden

This is my favorite time of day. Dusk. Lights are just coming on in the houses, dinner is cooking and all the lovely smells from the neighbours' simmering pots come wafting by. The speed of a tropical twilight is not to be underestimated. It seems to come up from the ground rather than fall from the sky. First the shadows lengthen and then the sky goes from blue to violet and then suddenly into clear night.
This orange heliconia is particularly vibrant and prolific. The bracts last for weeks on end. And this variety only grows to about 3 feet which is very manageable in the heliconia world.

One of my favourite begonias. I have never seen it flower but the leaves are so flamboyant that perhaps the flower is very insignificant. This variety catches easily by piece and provides much needed depth of colour in green beds.
Fern fronds make me happy.
This tanager is quite young with the pin feathers still showing on his chest. I have no doubt that his mama and papa are still close at hand, keeping a watcful eye. He has come for the bananafest that I have on my bamboo feeders every afternoon


Anonymous said...

What a lovely photos!
Your blog is just beautiful!

nonizamboni said...

Gorgeous photos and much appreciated here in snowy Minnesota! I always appreciate the dusk time of day too.
Thanks for sharing!

JOeY said...

i really love your blog. and what beautiful photos!!! what kind of camera do you use? i just started using blogger.com and i really like it..and your blog what the first ive seen..very beautiful!

Malar Gandhi said...

Wonderful Photos! Real Feast to my eyes! I agree with you...minimum 2 hours a day we should spend outside...it must be relaxing! Its good to have fresh oxygen to our lungs! Love your photos!

Jane Marie said...

You must live in paradise. The strong colors of your photos are beautiful.

Shireena said...

You have a lovely blog here, Sharon. Your prose is relaxing to read. Also I am amazed by your 70 year old orchid! I have a few orchids that have lasted several years, but they don't bloom every year, just when they "want" to. There is really no rhyme or reason for when it blooms. It's kind of funny.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of your lovely posts.

Souldier said...

really nice pictures..admire God's creation through your pics

Arun said...


You have posted some great pictures. Are you living in the island of Caribbean?


simple way of life

Saur♥Kraut said...

Amazingly beautiful. I feel a little more relaxed already. What a gem of a blog!

jenny said...

Very beautiful!

KatyK said...

Just saw your blog & I love the beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see more!

exodus said...

first time visitor to your blog impressed.... Really feels good to feel that there are some more of nature lovers left.

waiting for your next post....

My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Everyone,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog. And for your kind comments. I live on the island of Trinidad which is part of the twin
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. We are just seven miles off the coast of Venezuela but as an ex-British colony we speak English and still follow the British schooling sysstem. I shhot with a Canon Digital XT but I have three lens- my favourite- the 50mm/2.5 macro, a 70-300mmm zoom which I rarely use and an excellent portrait lens- 80mm/1.8
I am still learning daily but this is my haven. I create it so that my daughter can look back and see my life in 2007-8. I will try and get around to everyone's blog-
Thanks again for stopping by,

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Cherie said...

I too share you need of two hours outside/day. Unfortunatley I get distracted and that two hrs. passes in a blick and my husband is driving up the driveway and there is no supper on the stove. This is the time of year I break out the crock-pot and get something cooking early in the day. You are such a blessed woman to live in such a beautiful area of God's Creation. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

The Barber Bunch said...

I love your photos!

keep up the good work!


claire_de_lune said...

My god, that bird is beautiful! What an amazing picture!

Lolo said...

You have a soul-sister-garden here in Canada where butterflies and birds chorus all day and wallow on the fragance of Bamboos and Grass. Our winters here in the armpit of Ontario are not too forgiving to many flowering plants but it makes up for it during the growing season. I love the feel of your garden, and I could judge what kind of soul you have with the garden you keep.

Fisika SMP - Junior Highschool Physics said...

Burungnya indah sekali.
Foto-foto Anda mirip di Indonesia.
It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I had the birds you have in your garden in my garden! (Not likely here in New Jersey!)
Thanks for the cool photos.

Barbara said...

Visiting your blog and reading all your posts is like travelling far away. It is so interesting to see what sort of plants are growing in your country....I know, I told you this before. But I have to say it again.....because I am so fond of travelling!!