Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Rod Stewart in Tobago

Rod Stewart. What a privilige to see him close up. Make no bones about it, this 62 (?) year old still has a lot of life in him. He was by far the best performer at the recent Plymouth, Tobago Jazz Festival.
Kudos to his back up singers who were electric. And the saxaphonist. What an amazing job to have. Rod Stewart understands the mechanics of putting on a good show. Entertainment. He was able to completely captivate the crowd for a little over an hour with a series of costumes changes and by giving each of his band their time at the front line. And he won the hearts of all of us by starting off with ......"I am liking this feeling". Yes Rod, so were we.
Sad that this dynamic act only made poor Whitney Houston look even more frail. And note to Whitney's publicist- we who live hear are not interested in hearing how big our mosquitoes are on this side of the world. I think Tobago should collectively adopt Whitney and grow her back to health. It's so sad to see talent like that flailing.

So that you Rod et al., you are welcome back here anytime.


Saur♥Kraut said...

Looks like a fabulous concert! Yeah, Whitney's looking a mite underfed, but don't ALL stars? The 'in' thing is to eat a lettuce leaf a day.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

certainly looks good fun..!
I really like Rod Stewart's music actually...reminds me of my youth -amazing to see he's still going strong after all these years.
You're not gonna believe this, but he has a holiday ski chalet about 15mins from Annecy (French Alps) and he's been seen a couple of times by my daughter by the lake - she only knew he was someone famous because of the all the paparazzis hanging around..:)

Jennifer Stone said...

Great pictures - very close. Also wonderful rite of passage.

p.s Have to ask you about my cocoa tree, the tips are a little yellow. Will photograph and send to you. Its a Yellow Cacao from Fairchild.

Angie said...

awww, i envy u.
great pics

Green thumb said...

Great pictures, great commentary...specially loved your remark about Whitney Houston.