Sunday, 1 June 2008

Dendrobium Moschatum

This is what greeted me when I arrived home after a weekend away. Yaaaaayy! It's the first real blooming of one of my deciduous dendrobiums. All this means is that all their leaves fall off and then the canes send forth these fabulous flowers. I picked up this plant years ago in Arima thinking that it was the more common "Dendrobium superbum" which flowers a strongly scented purple flower. This flower is quite different because of its lip or "slipper" pouch.
Isn't it gorgeous? has lots of information on it including the fact that is is indigenous to the area around the Himalayas, Nepal, Vietnam and Burma. Visit the site for more information on this amazing plant which grows to be very large.


leafless said...

Look fantastic!

My Chutney Garden said...

Took a quick look at your site. It looked really interesting so will pop by later for a more leisurely browse.
Thanks for visiting,

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi, I left this very post on an older post, so just in case you may miss it i am leaving it here on your latest post.

Hi there!!

I am a trinidadian living in D'Abadie, a home owner 5 years now and a pink thumb! The thing is i love plants but they dont for the most part seem to love me back! To make a long story short i have been scouring the web to find information on Caribbean gardening and maybe some guidelines and generally any help i can get to garden better, i recently bought some plants and transplanted them, and they are dying! I really do not know what i did wrong.

So can you offer any guidance? Maybe resources on the web or a book i can buy, I love container gardening, in ground gardening and vegetable gardening, i have an OK sized lot so i have some room to play with, when i comes to containers I love flowering plants, If you'd like i could upload some photos of my struggling garden and container plants that I am working with right now. Pleas respond!

Thank you and have a blessed day!


Nicole said...

Beautiful flowers, Sharon. Bet that must have been a

Raquel, I am confused-Trinidad is one of the easiest places to garden. The only considerations are 1. soil: are you amending with manure as needed, and is the soil loose and well drained? 2. Keep the plants in the amount of sunshine/shade they like ie different plants like full sun, partial sun, dappled shade, full shade. 3. Different watering requirements of different plants.

Anonymous said...

I love surprises like this. I found a 3 blossom Catleya blossom stem growing behind a Vanda basket last week. And it was one that hadn't bloomed before!


My Chutney Garden said...

Hi all,
Thanks for visiting-
Growing things can sometimes be hard work but plants do not take a dislike to people- just their environment- where are you buying your plants- there may be unscrupulous nurseries that are selling weak seedlings or plants- shop around.
And plants are just like people- they have t breathe- so make sure they are receiving enough light and air to thrive. Check how you are transplanting into the ground and buy a few bags of pro-mix to make the transtion easier-
You may also have a mite infestation- break a leaf off a sick plant and take it into anywhere that sells plant supplies- Adanna at Tracmac is really good. And see if you have an infestation-
Gardening is not a mystical experience- it is a very practical, hands on hobby- no one can give you all the answers- my advice is to pay more attention to your watering- not too much- not too little- and read, read, read.
Hope it works out,

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

These photos are stunning - what a beautiful garden you must have - I love gardening too but the soil is so heavy (clay) where I live.
I find my potted plants and climbers thrive whereas everything else struggles..:)

Bessye said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm back again. Left you a comment a week or so ago. Just to let you know, I have mentioned your site on my blog. I hope it brings you visitors. I still like your blog. I'll be back.
(From Visions)maybe we can link?

Bhaskar Bora said...

Hi Sharon,
I am from Assam,situated in eastern part of India.I am also an orchid enthusiast.I have already uploded photograph of several orchid mut like these.
Bhaskar Bora.
My blog :

The Bridge said...

Hi Sharon,
I am studying Orchids in college. I am from Nepal. I was wondering where did you acquire this orchid from.
It indeed is beautiful.
Thank You,