Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Random things that make me happy

Mama hummingbird in her nest. This was late in the evening and I was trying not to use my flash. Hmmm......kind of arty I guess. To put her into scale- the nest cannot be bigger than 2.5 inches.
This is with the zoom lens and a flash- She was a bit annoyed but never moved- I loved the way she tucks herself into the nest, almost like a folding doll- there are two little white eggs on their way to a new life.

This is at my sister-in-law's house. I liked everything about this scene. She has a different variety of cocoa growing in her garden. Her pods are smaller and smoother than my own and her tree is more rambling.

A late evening glimpse of the garden with the copper to the side. This copper does not have water in it- I believe it is called the "sugar loaf" variety because of the high sides.


Grand Life said...

Love your hummingbird next post. We once watched hummingbird eggs hatch and the birds grow and leave the next. They were right outside a window in a safe area. It was so fun. Have a great week.

Tash said...

Congrats to Hayley! You should all be so proud! Give her my love!