Sunday, 6 July 2008

Yellow, where are you?

There is rain, rain, everywhere.
And no yellow.
This is what I miss most in July and August. Rainy weather comes with red flowers- flamboyant, red gingers and costus. And the dry always brings the yellows - shower of gold cassia - my favourite tree..... So I am taking a walk back through the colours of March. Shower of gold dendrobium.......
Crotons are spectacular all year round but during the sunny months their colours really become magnificent.

Poui - the yellow poui does not last very long. In fact when it is in full bloom it seldom lasts more than three days but it makes up for its brevity with its heartstopping beauty.
I am definitely a dry season girl.


mountainear said...

More stunning photography - those flowers would make up for rain and grey skies.

I am looking out on unremitting green at the back of the house (interspersed with a few white sheep.) My flowers here in the UK are altogether much gentler in hue - pinks, whites and lilacs. Love the boldness of your planting.

titilayo said...

Here (in Barbados), I've noticed a lot of purple flowers this year, from ground level right up. There's a tree at my work place that's loaded with blossoms, which it sprinkles liberally on the driveway, so that every day I get to walk into work along a purple carpet. It's a great way to start a working day!

Nancy said...

Love your blog. What a treat. I took a trip in the spring to Washington State in the US and fell in love with the Cassis tree. I have never seen them here in San Diego. Worth checking into. I would "die" for some rain.



Sunita said...

Really? How interesting! In India, red dominates summer. I had posted about this if you'd care to take a look :
And, what do you know, I had a Golden Shower Cassia in bloom too : )
By the way, your photographs are really beautiful!

Barbara said...

I couldn't say what colour dominates summer (green probably ;-) !!), there are so many colours in the gardens here (not in mine at the moment, as a lot of flowers have already faded). Yellow will be again an important colour in autumn (as it also was in Springtime). Your pictures are brilliant, as always!

Rosemary said...

love your yellows

Barbee' said...

Yellow is my favorite color so I enjoyed your lovely photos of lovely flowers very much. Thank you for sharing.