Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Strange and Wonderful World of Orchids

Our steamy humid climate is perfect for orchids. The Cattleya is the blowsy tart of the the family Orchidaceae. She is irresistible to bees who visit to sample the Miss Cattleya's perfume. My husband is wary of Cattleyas. He finds them to showy for his liking but I love them as they are so over-the-top. A long-stemmed Dendrobium is the girl next door. Solid, dependable and occasionally, very beautiful. She will acclimatise easily to most conditions, blooming to show that she is happy and content.
The Oncidium is the shy beauty. The flower of many Oncidiums mimics the shape of a full-skirted dancing woman.

The centre of this "Chocolate Drop" Cattleya is as darkly beckoning as its namesake. It follows through on its name with the warm unmistakeable smell of chocolate.
Cattleya Cattleya "Chocolate Drop"

A Dendrobium on its way out.

The equitant Oncidium is native to the Caribbean. Each flower is tiny and perfect. A study in miniature.


Mary Beth said...

What beautiful pictures! My favorite is the Oncidium - the detail is amazing. I manage to grow two orchids by the bathtub but am considering trying some outdoors.

Nicole said...

How fortunate you are to have such a gorgeous little orchid collection, I love all equitant Oncidiums and really like the "Chocolate Drop". So sumptuous looking, and with a name like that who can resist?

My Chutney Garden said...

Okay, I have to fess up. These were the orchids at the Garden Club's Annual Calendar's launch.
The showbench theme for this meeting was "orchids".
I wish I had such a collection. Hah, I could dream.

Sunita said...

Oh, I'm just drooling over those gorgeous orchids. I love the Catts for their flamboyance but the Dends are so easy to grow, especially in the tropics. I've still not mastered the art of growing phalaenopsis, the 'easy, beginner's orchids'.
Hmph! 20 years of growing orchids and a beginner trips me up! Orchids are like that.

Lilandra said...

where's this garden club?

Anonymous said...