Sunday, 2 November 2008

Painting the Flowers

Trinidad has a very active art scene. Our artists are common sights around the country. There is a group that meets weekly to head out to different spots in Trinidad to paint. It's a useful exercise for artists to work together as it allows them to explore different techniques with the useful feedback of colleagues I was lucky to come across them in the Horticultural Society's Weekly Flower Sale. I was there with my camera so I had a different experience but it was interesting to watch them work. Peter Sheppard is well known for his miniatures and he was "stretching", enjoying the opportunity to work in a different style.

The vibe with this group is always lovely This week they are due to go to the Boissierre House around the savannah. The palettes were works of art in themselves

Peter Sheppar is a well respected artist in both local and regional circles. He is best known for his richly detailed miniatures.

Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries and Carolyn Lewis at work

Peter's different piece, I would challenge anyone to identify this as a Peter Sheppard.

A simple start to a ginger lily. Very interesting in black and white as it shows up the overlying bracts of the flower.A bank of anthuriums

A nationalistic bromeliad




6 OCT Y ART GALLERY Shastri Maharaj

7 OCT IN2ART Hinkson/Sundiata/DeVerteuil

14 OCT HORIZONS Tonia St Cyr

14 OCT 101 ART GALLERY Che Lovelace

21 OCT IN2ART Janice Derreck

28 OCT 101 ART GALLERY Lisa O'Connor

28 OCT HORIZONS Gabby Besson and Enrique Lobo



04 NOV IN2ART Omowale/Tessa Alexander/Karen Hale Jackson

17 NOV Y ART GALLERY Peter Sheppard

18 NOV IN2ART Keith Ward

25 NOV ASTT GALLERY Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago Annual Exhibition


01 DEC Y GALLERY Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries

02 DEC IN2ART Carol Sue Lum

02 DEC HORIZONS Robert Mackay

06 DEC 101 GALLERY Boscoe Holder

13 DEC IN2ART Debra Milne

13 DEC Y GALLERY Christmas Show-Mixed Artists-Miniatures

21 DEC IN2ART Christmas Show

*Event dates subject to change. Please verify the event you are interested in with respective Gallery.
I have sourced this information from the Facebook page of The Art Society of Trinidad.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Beautiful pictures, paints and paintings ! .. the colours are so vibrant and pretty : )

jeannette stgermain said...

I'm an artist and I would love to paint where you shot your pics!

On I have a moving gallery of the flowers I've painted. look it up sometime whenever convenient. (If you don't want to become a member, log onto and there's a direct link on my home page)
Also, on this site, my profile pic is a flower i painted -
love your blog! cheers, jeannette