Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Birth of a Butterfly

My sister in Coral Gables Miami just sent these (the pictures, not the butterflies) to me. The total email reads "I had to look up the plural of chrysalis...its chrysalides."
She has been rearing (?) monarch butterflies and they are just beginning to emerge from their cocoons.We have lovely monarchs here in Trinidad as well but I have been advised by my friend Courtenay that it would be very unwise to bring in my own butterfly rearing kit. The reason is that our local monarchs have evolved as a non-migratory branch of the family. Monarchs are well known for their spectacular migration shows and if we were to mix the two types, it would probably be an ecological disaster.
So thank you to my sister Jennifer, the butterfly doula.


GirlBlue said...

It must be a wonderful feeling seeing that in real life knowing that you played a small part.

Barbara said...

When my children were young we used to collect caterpilars, feeding them and finally observing their transformation from a cocon to a butterfly. A very exciting thing. Your butterfly shown on the picture is very beautiful!

Sarah said...

They are so amazing! How fantastic is that to see in real life? She must feel very honoured and I'm glad you've shared these photos.
I love butterflies and have a buddhlea plant which is supposed to attract them!