Monday, 8 February 2010

My Old Garden

Some parts of my garden still remain. A few of these are old photographs but many of the plants are still in the garden struggling along. Miniature pineapple is one that I have managed to leave there AND I have bought a few with me for security. Particularly at Carnival time, I am always amazed at nature's palette. Who would have thought purple tips? I have seen this colouring on bromeliads native to Trinidad and Tobago. The purple tips must serve some purpose in the rain forest.
Light shows the lacy veins in this new shoot of a staghorn fern. A lovely large mango tree has been an excellent foster mother to my ferns and they are probably healthier now than when I arrived.
I have grown to appreciate the advantages of a shade garden. I remember when I arrived here last year, I was so excited at the prospect of sun. And yes, many plants have thrived and flowered in the sun but the general lack of shade means that I no longer have banks of calladiums.
Of course, the tree is still there with its vibrant ecosystem. It's quite sobering to realise that I can leave and it all still goes on. I am not the epicentre even if it felt that way when I lived in the garden.


Nicole said...

Nice pics-love that little pineapple. I can imagine how it feels to be back in your "old" garden.

Flowers said...

Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Something so beautiful about the new growth of a pineapple! Gorgeous shots. Now I want to find the story of your "old garden" Where is it? What corner of this gorgeous earth?

Thanks for your comment. The artist is Samantha French. Click on her name in my post and it will bring you to her world.

Off to look at some more of YOUR beauty!

Prospero said...

You're from Trinidad! I'm from Bermuda (we're practically neighbors!)

I've noticed that purple on my pineapples too. How lovely.

Ms Sancoche said...

Sharon - my Dad always said that God must have had a riotous time when he was coming up with all the colours of nature!

modeflowers said...

Great shots. Perfect angle and perfect effects.